World Cup 2010: Leo shows a bit of San Francisco in the Brazilian Newspaper.

Brazilians literally live-and-die with their soccer…and World Cup? It’s like American football, baseball, basketball and hockey all rolled into one, and multiplied by 100 … the passion for soccer in Brasil is off-the-charts.  Today the Brazilian daily newspaper Folha de Pernambuco published an article  about how I celebrated my team victory over North Korea.

A special thanks to Thiago Soares and Flavio Batista, Culture Editor and Sports Editor respectively,  for giving me the opportunity to become the first Brazilian who lives outside of Brazil to join the network of stories titled Brazilians abroad.

Translation: “Despite living  five years in San Francisco, California, where I do not have that craving as soccer in Brazil, I am equal to all Brazilians: passionate about the World Cup. I Decided watch the first game at North Star, Irish pub,  which has been operating since 1882 in North Beach, an Italian neighborhood. The bar owner is a native from Ireland who’s super passionate about Brazil, and the bar was decorated with various flags of Brazil. Despite my Brazilian friends, also had many americans and Europeans wearing green/yellow t-shirts. The day was sunny and very pleasant, the first half of  game was a little quiet but after a few glasses of American beer (Heineken) and Irish beer (Guinness), the celebraton was super fun and after the two goals,  it was a  carnival atmosphere: with Brazilians and foreigners in the same space celebrating the art of soccer.”

Enjoy the World Cup!

Leo Avelino DaSilva, San Francisco, 2:23 pm.

Brazilian Daily Newspaper Folha de Pernambuco


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Prepare-se para uma Super Viagem! GATE 4 - Betânia, Patricia, Leo e Você. Cada um, em um lugar, cada um, com um olhar... São Paulo-BRASIL, Barcelona-ESPANHA, San Francisco-ESTADOS UNIDOS E Você ONDE ESTÁ? , Vamos juntos. Vamos amar sua companhia.
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Uma resposta para World Cup 2010: Leo shows a bit of San Francisco in the Brazilian Newspaper.

  1. Newton disse:

    Eh…realmente AMAMOS futebol, o ‘soccer’. Eu mesmo, desde criancinha. E olha, ja faz decadas!!!!!!!!! kakakkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

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